For a first stay in Brussels, the Brussels Card is almost essential for me.

This pass to Brussels gives access to the main visits and famous museums of Brussels. In addition, there is a transport option allowing unlimited use of the metro, bus and tramways of the Brussels network.

What to do in Brussels?

The historic centre of Brussels is relatively small and can be visited quite quickly on foot. The Grand Place is a model of a Flemish square. The Stock Exchange and its surroundings are also very pleasant.

The Atomium is one of the symbols of Brussels (with the Manneken Pis, in my opinion, devoid of any interest). It is located outside the centre of Brussels. You can get there by metro in about 30 minutes from the historic centre of Brussels.

Brussels also has many museums, but I must admit that I have not visited any of them.

The district of the royal palace is very pleasant. You can stroll around and admire the various old and imposing buildings. The Brussels Park is located in this district.

Brussels also has some very beautiful parks where it is pleasant to walk, weather permitting. I am thinking in particular of the following parks: the Royal Park, also known as the Brussels Park, the Cinquantenaire Park and the Mont des Arts Garden, which offers a magnificent view of the historic heart of Brussels and in particular the belfry.

As for meals, there are many nice restaurants in Brussels to suit all budgets. There are also excellent Turkish and Moroccan restaurants. If you want to eat in a Moroccan restaurant at a reasonable price, you will be spoilt for choice on rue Brabant.

You can spend 3/4 days in Brussels without being bored;) This duration seems ideal to me to discover Brussels.

Housing In Brussels

Like most major European cities, there are many housing options for a citytrip in Brussels.

You can choose a hotel by choosing your location according to the purpose of your stay. For a cultural discovery of Brussels, it is preferable to stay close to the main monuments/museums of the city because they are quite clustered. You will then avoid daily transport.

A very developed option in large cities, the rental of apartments by the day that will allow you to eat in your apartment if you wish. This solution is often more affordable, to remember if you have a limited budget.

If your budget is even more limited, you can opt for a youth hostel, which is very popular in Brussels. For example, you can find hostels on from 15€ per night per person.

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